Friday, December 21, 2012

Hi, I'm Pumpkin! I'm a 4-year-old female Domestic Shorthair mix. My previous family could no longer keep me due to allergies so I'm hoping to find a new loving family to adopt me. I'm good with children and other animals and I'm housebroken. My meet your match color is orange and I'm an executive. I would make a great new addition to your family! Please adopt me today!  Come meet my adoption team today at the Peninsula SPCA, 523 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News across from the Virginia Living Museum or call 757-595-1399 ext 106.  

Monday, December 17, 2012

Welcome Ellen Thacker, Executive Director

Newport News, VA- The Peninsula SPCA welcomes new Executive Director, Ellen Clark Thacker.  Ellen joined the Peninsula SPCA team in November and is very excited to direct the SPCA in a continued progressive direction in becoming an adoption-guarantee organization. 

“My first priority is to save animal lives by finding additional options and resources for the homeless pets of our community,” said Thacker. “By establishing ourselves as an adoption-guarantee organization, we will find new ways to partner with our local municipal animal control groups and expand options for rescuing adoptable animals on the Peninsula.”

With a successful work history consisting primarily of private sector business experience, Ellen decided it was time for a change. She followed her passion for animal welfare and became the Executive Director for the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society in 2008. There she helped to increase adoption rates, attain no-kill status for the shelter’s canine population, and implemented a 100% pre-adoption spay/neuter policy for all animals adopted from the Gloucester-Mathews-Middlesex Animal Shelter.

“I wanted to join the Peninsula SPCA to be a part of their transition to adoption-guarantee,” said Thacker. “This is a tremendously important step for our shelter and its animals, and will need the full support our community. We are thrilled with the opportunities that this transition will bring.”

Pictured with Ellen is Ginger.  She is a year old and available for adoption.  Ginger is a very sweet and a playful young pit bill mix.  Being a young canine, she would thrive as a part of an active family and would love to be someone’s personal trainer.  She is nervous around other dogs and cats, so she would flourish as the only pet in the house.  But don’t worry she has more than enough love to give every family member.  She even gives hugs!  Like all animals adopted from the Peninsula SPCA, Ginger has been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.  Come take Ginger home in time for the holidays because all she wants for Christmas is you!    

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Peninsula SPCA—Unleashing the Red Carpet!
Peninsula SPCA plans sixth annual Fur Ball

Newport News, VA. – The Peninsula SPCA will be hosting their Sixth Annual Fur Ball Gala Fundraiser on February 2, 2013 from 6:00- 11:00 p.m., at the Hampton Roads Convention Center.

Spend a glamorous evening with friends and four-legged family members while supporting the orphaned pets at the Peninsula SPCA.  Dance the night away while participating in silent and live auctions, enjoying cocktails, fine dining and live entertainment from the Tidewater Drive Band.  Family pets will enjoy first-class doggy daycare and will then capture attention as they strut down the red carpet in the Parade of Pets.

To help raise donations, guests may participate in the Fur Ball’s live and silent auction.  Contributors may win prizes such as a Bahamas vacation, sailboat cruise, Wintergreen Resort escape, and a trip to historic Savannah, Georgia.  The Peninsula SPCA is collecting silent auction items for Fur Ball 2013, to donate an item to the event please contact Leslie Magner at 757-595-1399 ext: 104.   

Last year, approximately 300 guests and 50 pet guests attended Fur Ball 2012. Over $130,000 was raised to help provide care of the Peninsula SPCA’s homeless and orphaned animals until they were able to find loving homes.
Leading up to Fur Ball 2013, generous sponsors had donated over $50,000.  This year we are striving to exceed that amount to help orphaned and sick animals at our shelter.  Sponsorship packages range from $250 up to $15,000.  If you are interested in helping to save the lives of animals, visit our sponsorship opportunities at   The 2013 Fur Ball leading corporate sponsors include Smithfield Foods, Inc., Ferguson Enterprises, York River Electric, Inc.
 There are a limited number of tickets available for purchase now.  Tickets are $125 per person and $75 per pet.  For ticket purchase or silent auction donation, please contact Leslie Magner at or call (757) 595-1399 ext. 104.  For sponsorship information, please contact Vicki Rowland at or call (757) 595-1399 ext. 109. Tickets are available for purchase online at     
For more event details and pictures from Fur Ball 2013, please visit 
Tickets are available for purchase.  Limited tickets are available. Tickets are $125 per person and $75 per pet. To purchase Fur Ball tickets or for sponsorship information, please contact Vicki Rowland at or (757) 595-1399. Tickets are available for purchase online at

The Mission of the Peninsula SPCA is to advocate and provide for the humane care and welfare of animals. Our municipal contracts will end soon and funding for the Peninsula SPCA’s homeless animals will be decreased by half.  With your continued support, we can continue our life saving mission as an Adoption Guarantee Organization in July 2013.  For more information, visit or call 757-595-1399.

Monday, November 5, 2012

A spooky yet helpful Halloween article published in the Daily Press last week.

October 22, 2012
Leslie Magner
Community Outreach Coordinator, Peninsula SPCA
757-595-1399 ext 104

Newport News, VA- Keep your pets safe this Halloween season.  Halloween can be fun and festive for children however, it can be stressful and frightening for pets.  Scaredy cats have a right to be nervous around strange sounds, scents and people, especially in costumes.  Follow these Halloween pet safety tips and protect your pet. 
  • Keep your pets indoors on Halloween night, especially black cats.  Animals are at risk of animal cruelty by Halloween pranksters.
  • Spooky decorations and electrical lights are popular during the Halloween season. Exposed decorative wires are a serious hazard to pets.  If chewed, your pet could suffer cuts or burns, or possibly a life-threatening electrical shock.  Keep all wires undercover and out of reach.   
  • Carving pumpkins and Jack-O’- Lanterns are festive, but use caution if used with a lit candle.  Wagging tails or frightened cats could easily knock over pumpkins and start a fire, or risk suffering from a burn injury.
  • For many people “Halloween” translates into “candy.”  Candy is for trick-or-treaters, not four-legged pets.  Chocolate is very toxic & could be fatal.  Candies, gums, mints, baked goods and chocolate containing the "sugar free" sweetener xylitol are especially poisonous and fatal.  Fido and Sassy love their pet treats anyway.  The Peninsula Emergency Veterinary Clinic offers 24 hours/7 days a week emergency and critical care for pets.  Call 757-874-8115 immediately for emergency assistance. 
  • Cute pet costumes seem to be everywhere during Halloween, but be careful when choosing a costume for your pet.  Some pets are very uncomfortable wearing pet clothing causing discomfort and stress.  If he/she seems comfortable, make sure the costume does not limit the pet’s ability to breathe, hear, move or hinder his/her ability to bark or meow.   
  • Be aware of detachable objects hanging from costumes that he/she could possibly choke on.  Pets can chew and swallow an object causing an upset stomach and intestinal obstruction.  Also make sure the costume fits correctly and will not become twisted or caught by another object causing injury. 
  • Continuous doorbell ringing may cause anxiety.  Make sure to keep your pet in a safe room and this also prevents the pet from becoming lost by bolting out the door.
  • Can I see your ID?  Be sure to securely attach ID tags to your pets’ collar and microchip your pet to increase the chance to reunite with your furry family member.

Play it safe and Halloween can be a fun time for kids and pets.  If any acts of animal cruelty are seen or suspected, please call your local animal control, (757) 595-PETS (7387). 
Celebrate Howl-O-Ween with families, pets and The Peninsula SPCA at Poochapalooza this Saturday, October 27, 2012 from 1-4 p.m. at the Ridgeway Bark Park.
Have a safe and Happy Howl-O-ween!
For more information, contact Leslie Magner, Community Outreach Coordinator at 595-1399 ext 104 or      

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Keep your pet safe during Hurricane Sandy!

Hurricane Sandy will be here Sunday!  Be ready by using the tips below:
IDs, please!
·    Make sure your pet is wearing an up-to-date and visible ID tag on a secure collar or harness.
Stock up.
·    Stock a 5-day supply of food and water for your pet.
·    Remember bowls and manual can openers for your dog or cat.
·    Buy an extra gallon of water just in case.
·    Keep all pet medications in a waterproof container, records and pet first aid kits together. 
·    Stock up on cat litter and cleaning supplies for your cat’s litter box.
·    Keep poop bags handy for clean up.
·    Help keep your pet calm with a comfortable and familiar blanket, toys or treats.
Get a Rescue Alert Sticker for your home.
·    Rescue workers will be alerted that there are pets in your home.
·    You should include the number and types of pets present, as well as your veterinarian’s contact information.
Choose a safe haven.
·    First, decide which room in your home will be the safest spot to ride out the storm.
Evacuation plans.
·    Make sure you have a copy of your pet's shot records and pictures with you for shelter admission.
·    Contact animal control in Newport News and Poquoson at 595-7387; Hampton at 727-6111 and York County at 890-3601 for evacuation plans and pet-friendly shelters. 
·    Call hotels and motels outside the immediate area for pet-friendly policies so you and your pet have reservations in case of evacuation.
·    Contact friends and family for pet evacuation arrangements.
Stay indoors.  
·    At the first sign of danger, bring your pets indoors and keep them with you.
Remember: If it is not safe for you, it is not safe for your pet!
·    Keep your pet with you at all times.
Finish Hurricane Sandy prep disaster shopping by Saturday and keep your pets safe. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Celebrity Status

All the cool kids are doing it—SPCA style.

It’s not just the average Americans that are adopting pets from the SPCA. Some celebrities save lives as well when they get their dogs and cats from the SPCA and other animal shelters.
The Canadian teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber adopted a Papillion mix named Sam, and his girlfriend Selena Gomez followed suite shortly after by rescuing a husky mix pup named Baylor from an animal rescue center in Canada.

Justin Bieber with his Papillion Mix Sammi

Other celebrities who have chosen to adopt four-legged pals from shelters include Jane Lynch, who adopted a Dalmatian mix named Francis in December of 2011. George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Mischa Barton, and Adam Brody are among a surprisingly large list of actors and actresses that have chosen to save a life and adopt from an animal shelter or SPCA.

Although your dog might not have the same celebrity status as Norman, the corgi terrier mix, you can still follow in Jennifer Aniston’s footsteps by stopping by the Peninsula SPCA today and finding the perfect pet to pamper!